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It all began with a mother's dream ...

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Our organization was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the home where Stephanie grew up. This has made her transition so much easier. This lovely home was renovated top to bottom with money that was raised. Renovations included tearing off the cedar siding and replacing it with weather safe materials. New garage door. Windows repaired. Carpets in entire interior replaced with bamboo flooring. New bathrooms. New closets. New lighting fixtures. New fans. Fresh paint in every room, including the basement. New window treatments throughout. 


We could not have done this without our                                     volunteers! 

It began as fund raising ... and once we had the money in place and a bank who was willing to give us a mortgage - thank you Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust - we were off and renovating. And the house needed a LOT of work. 


The process of choosing our interior design began with the volunteer efforts of two great interior designers who also happen to be dear friends of our charity ~ Markcharles Misilli and Sharon Hanby-Robie Asid. Rooms and windows were measured. Paint colors were chosen. Flooring was picked out. Fixtures, door handles, vanities, toilets ... all of it had to be upgraded. 

Then the miracles began! 

What began as a simple question from a dear friend "my dad works for Sherwin Williams. Maybe he can get you some paint." Went to "Sherwin Williams wants to buy all of the paint for your house AND send 50 of its managers over to paint it all for free." 




On a sunny day in May, we welcomed all of the generous managers and their bosses to a 6 hour paint fest. During that time, the entire interior of our house was painted top to bottom. Ledges, railings, ceilings ... even the front door front and back side. 

We thank Cisterino Electric, my dad, Jim,  and his team of Daniel Miller and Lisa Cisterino and my brother, Nick Cisterino, for coming out and doing all of our electrical work for free. 


We thank local plumber Matt Miller and his team for doing all of our plumbing work at a reduced rate. 

Stephanie's House is an independent. privately owned non-profit residence. Stephanie lives here with help from her morning and night companions. She has two roommates now and two canine companions - Sweeite Pie and Lucie.  She spends her weekends with her mom and dad, Marie and Andy Ludwig. 


Miss Leslie takes care of her needs during the night. In the daytime hours, Stephanie spends time with three other rotating caregivers who work on her habilitation and socialization needs. Routine is vital to her. A daily schedule is written on a dry erase board and followed to the Nth degree. She is learning how to make her own choices - food shopping, movies, clothes shopping and physical activities are all a part of her day to day routine. 



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