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And as it goes, one day a friend of ours on Facebook popped into messenger and asked "hey, are you guys a 501c3? I have a dear friend who is looking to donate some money." That comment ended up being a total donation of $60,000 which completely covered all of our renovations. We thank our angel family who asked to remain anonymous. We add another big thanks to the employees at ICON International for their private donations and for voting us to win $10,000 two years ago in an international company giveaway! 


Thank you to all of our friends who have donated endless items to our annual "Autism Shops" event, most especially Valerie Parr Hill, Ben and Stan and Mike,  the T.O. Epps team, Diana Urbine, Jamie Kern Lima, Maureen Kelly, Mary Eckenrode, Ed Seibolt, Jimmy Stovall, Alan Rosen, Steve Lipoff, Debbie and Mary Beth, Dawn and Carol, John McLemore, GLA & Associates, Markcharles Misilli, Nanci and Bob Chiarrocchi, Hudson Austin, John Bell, Corazonas, Bob Katz at My Grandma's Coffee Cakes, Matt Hodlofski, Krissy Flynn, Jennipher Kirk, Jeff Oliphant, Dave Oilphant, Jeanne Bice in heaven, Sue Clifton, Felicia Landis, Tara McConnell, Nick Dicurcio, Jeri Estok, Lisa Ventura, Tom Czar and Media One, GEM Storage, Dr. Denese, First Aid Beauty, Maggie and Mary's, Adina Miccio, David's Cookies, Farmer Jon Popcorn, Joe and Chris Campanelli, Mr. Food, Liberty Orchards, My Grandma's Coffee Cakes, Beatrice, Lindt Chocolates, Zee Zee Bars, Corazonas, Powerbeads by Jen, ECO, Spray and Grow, Kim Gravel, America's Test Kitchen, Saltopia ... 


We thank the countless number of volunteers who have provided time and talents to us ~ setting up and breaking down the events, manning the events, baking items. Soroptimist International of Phoenixville for so much volunteer time AND for all of the beautiful furniture for Stephanie's room. 


We thank Bob's Furniture for our living room set and Haly Oil for fixing our furnace for free. We thank E & E Siding, Gap, PA for an outstanding job on the exterior siding and the interior bamboo flooring. While their service was not free, they did a lot of extras for us and we appreciate that so very much. 


Finally, we thank everyone who has supported and believed in our cause these past 10 years ... enough to maybe purchase something as simple as one lipstick, but it helped! 


We did not do this alone! So many donors to thank! 

How do you begin to say thank you to the countless individuals, corporations, foundations and more who made this dream home possible? 


We begin with the friends who said YES when we were just beginning. And their generosity steamrolled us into a bank account that kept growing and growing. 


Thank you to the ICON corporation and its employees for over $10,000 plus. 

Thank you to Mally Roncal from Mally Beauty who was first! Mally has never ever said no to us. EVER. To date, Mally has donated enough of her beauty items to keep hundreds of ladies looking gorgois ... we honor her by naming Stephanie's all pink room The Mally Suite. Thank you for inspiring me to stay FIERCE. 


Thank you to Laura Geller and her generous team. Laura has also never said no to us. She has donated several thousand products from lipglosses to mascaras to spackle. Having her items in our autism shops events has not only made them popular, but also given women who support our organization across the country a chance to fall in love with Laura's great lines. We honor Laura by naming one of our guest rooms the Laura Geller Suite. 


Thank you to the one and only Chaz Dean and his sweet and beloved sidekick Linda Cooper. I will never forget what he has done for us. We were a day away from opening for our first Autism Shops event back in 2009 and we needed items. One of my friends, Deanna P reached out to Chaz and without a blink he donated 200 32 ounce bottles of WEN. WOW. Our sale features items at a great price so imagine how fast 200 bottles of WEN at $28 each went bye bye. Every year since that day, Chaz and Cooper have supported our annual events with a generous amount of products. We honor team WEN by naming our gorgeous guest bath the WEN spa. 


Thank you to Joel Schechter from Honora Pearls. Joel stepped up soon after we first asked him in 2009 and sent this ginormous box of assorted Honora pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. His devotion to us has been nothing short of spectacular. For the past 5 sales we have had the prettiest jewelry boutique featuring his donated pieces. We honor Joel and his partner Ralph by naming our second guest room the Honora Suite. 


Thank you to Markcharles Misilli and Sharon Hanby Robie who donated their time and talents in home design and decor. Cisterino Electric - dad, DJ Miller and Lisa Cisterino for making the 18+ hour drive out here twice to work on our electric. And to my brother, Nick, who installed a lot of the lighting and finished off many rough spots. 


Thank you to Corey, Mulligan and team Sherwin Williams for painting the entire interior of our home for free - all paint and supplies and even lunch provided! The time your mini team took to prep ahead of time was amazing, especially in the master bedroom and on the dining room fireplace. You have added the color to our new world and we will always be grateful. 



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